Города Воинской Славы


In 2011 the Central Bank of Russia commenced a series of mono-metallic 10 Rouble coins honouring “Cities of Military Glory”. A city or town is bestowed the title by the President of the Russian Federation for “courage, endurance and mass heroism, exhibited by defenders of the city in the struggle for the freedom and independence of the Motherland” during World War II. The award, which to date has been bestowed upon 40 cities, is similar to the Hero City title awarded during the Soviet-era. Each coin is 22mm in diameter and features the city’s coat of arms on the reverse. As of 2013 the St. Petersburg mint (SPMD) is the only mint to issue coins in this series. Further coins are scheduled for release until at least 2015.
25. Nalchik
26. Vyborg
27. Kalach-na-Donu
28. Vladivostok
29. Tikhvin
30. Tver
31. Anapa
32. Kolpino
Future Release
33. Stariy Oskol
34. Kovrov
35. Lomonosov
36. Taganrog
37. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
38. Maloyaroslavets
39. Mozhaisk

40. Khabarovsk